Cans / Tubes (tubular cartons)

They are made from three layers of spirally glued cardboard sleeve with a total thickness about 1.1 mm.
The interior of the tube normally lined with a layer of offset paper and, to food products we use
polyethylene or aluminum foil. We make tubes from one and two dipartite. Our cans / tubes are ideally
suited for packaging of coffee, tea, cookies and other products.

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Coffee-Service Puszki tuby - Producent


1) plastic lid allows to close can / tube many times after opening


2) membrane make a hermetic seal, protects the product
from moisture and losing its properties


3) aluminum pull tab for easy opening of packaging


4) diameter ofmembrane tubes: 73 mm, 99 mm


5) possibility to make any print opportunity to use the valve


6) opportunity to use the valve

Coffee-Service Puszki z nadrukowana grafika - Producent

· Label

The tubes are covered with a personalized label witch emphasize the uniqueness of your product.
The label can be printed in CMYK and PANTONE + offset’s lacquer, extending its durability and emphasizing color.


· Other treatment

· matte / gloss / soft touch
· hotstamping
· metalizy
· stamping

· Available sizes


The internal diameters of tubes (mm)
28mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm, 60mm, 70mm,
73mm, 74mm, 80mm, 82mm, 85mm, 92mm,
95mm, 99mm, 103mm, 120mm.

Height standard tubes (mm)
Height tub with wrap around bottom (mm)

· Types of closures

Plastic closing Metal closing
They come in standard colors: white, black, yellow, red, green, brown, gold, silver, blue. They are available in silver and gold. Metal lid classic embossed and embossed are of a diameter of 50 mm.

wieczka plastikowe-opisy

1) with feeder: salt, spices,
powdered sugar, bread crumbs
2) with pull tab easy opening
3) caps imposed for tubes with
aluminum membrane
4) the edge facilitating opening

wieczka metalowe






The machine is used to close previously filled cylindrical cardboard cans. This machine needs to be oparated by one man, who feed filled cans on the machine, align them and take closed cans out of the machine.


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