STABILO with a valve  and internal transverse zipper.
If the product fills in advance.
  STABILO with a transverse string  and laser incision.
If the product fills from the bottom.


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STABILO packaging Our packaging STABILO perfectly suited for packaging food products (eg. Coffee, tea, dried fruit, rice, pasta, spices, dried, cereal, milk powder, etc ...), chemicals and industrial goods. We produce stand-up packages from the side fold of different materials and in different sizes. We have the capability. We print in flexo technology, and Kodak (nicer tonal transitions and better color depth). Bags are made ​​of laminated printed and without printing. We have launched an online store with a wide range of bags, packaging standard - with side fold, stabilo bags, bags formed from the bottom Bottom, packaging doypack, sachets. Our bags can be fitted with a closing string, tape, glue, handle eurohole, incision, valve. NEW! Already on sale STABILO mat in black and white. We have introduced a new type of valve - valve in - the valve inside! Handbags standing with side fold type WINDOW We sell stand-up pouches with side fold type WINDOW. They are made ​​of gray paper + polypropylene PAP / OPP. They are eco-friendly design, and through the window you can see the product. Handbags standing with side fold type Bottom introduced for sale bags / pack Bottom. They have formed the bottom! Will be available in several colors bag standing with side fold type TECHNO We introduced the stand-up pouches with side fold type Techno. They are made ​​of polyethylene metallized polypropylene PETmet / OPP. They are excellent for groceries, tea, sweets ... Through the window you can see the product.


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