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Doypack packaging / pouches Doypack pouches – packaging for food products, chemicals, etc. The price of Doypack packaging is lower than that of alterative packaging systems. Doypack pouches are ideal for products such as mayonnaise or ketchup (special laminates can be printed for hot ketchup packaging); they can also be used for washing-up liquid, liquid soap, shampoo, sweets, biscuits, etc. Owing to its dual function, as primary and supplementary packaging, Doypack pouches can be considered the packaging of the future. The company manufactures Doypacks with a capacity between 100 and 5000 ml; with stoppers, vents, zippers, Euroholes, laser-cut edges, handles, etc. Doypack pouches with Euroholes / hooks, The company manufactures Doypack pouches with Euroholes. Adding holes makes it possible for the sachets to be displayed near tills and on many different types of stands. Doypack pouches with vents The Doypack pouches can be equipped with vents which make them ideal for coffee or sauerkraut packaging. Doypack pouches with windows / Window The product portfolio now includes special pouches with PAP/OPP window. This is a new solution on the market. Doypack pouches with zippers, Zipper pouches The company manufactures Doypack / zipper pouches. This type of packaging can be used for food products, household chemicals, cosmetics and tobacco (the company manufactures Doypacks for many different firms from the tobacco industry). The pouch can be easily opened and closed thanks to the zipper. An additional option is to round off the edges of the pouch to enhance its appearance. Doypack pouches with stoppers. Adding a stopper to a Doypack pouch changes the packaging’s functionality and gives it other possibilities. This solution is ideal if we do not want to use the entire capacity of the pouch immediately. The pouch can be easily opened and closed thanks to the stopper. Doypack pouches can be used as packaging for sauces, juices, dressings, glazes, ketchup, but also cosmetics and household chemicals: washing up liquid, fabric conditioner, liquid soap and shampoo. Different coloured stoppers are available to enable matching the stopper to the colour design of the packaging. Laser / scribing/ perforation The company has recently purchased a processing line to perform laser scribing of foil / perforation / microperforation / shaped laser scribing – and to create new packaging options. Laser technologies are increasingly gaining in popularity in the foil packaging production industry. The most popular simple cuts are used to facilitate the opening of finished sachets, flat pouches, Doypacks or Sticks. The more complicated, shaped laser scribing and perforations improve the functionality and aesthetics of the pouches.. A Doypack pouch with an unusu Doypack pouches in any shape – a new product in our product portfolioal shape stands out from amongst other packets sitting on a shelf in a shop. A stand-up Doypack pouch can be manufactured in any chosen interesting shape. The special shape of the packaging makes it handier. The pouch can be used for all types of loose, liquid or granulated products. They can also be equipped with a stopper, zipper, Eurohole, handle, etc. The company has manufactured pouches in the shape of a football T-shirt or a LEGO box in the past. More... For your convenience, our newly-opened online shop has a wide selection of Doypack packaging, sachets and stand-up side gusset pouches. Doypack is a sachet with a bottom fold and a particular outlay of stiffening welds which create a modern and universal packaging. Its main advantages are: displaying the product in an upright position, a large surface for printing, a possibility of welding in a zipper closing or a topper, a price lower than that of alterative packaging systems. These packagings are used for both manual and automated packaging of: foodstuff (i.e. coffee, tea, spices, dried fruit, nuts, juice, mayonnaise, candy, etc.), seeds, chemicals, tobacco, etc. Doypack sachets are readily available in our storeroom in a variety of sizes (100 ml – 5000 ml), with or without zipper closing, a topper, made out of materials of different colours, thickness and structure. DOYPACK: modern structure, front display in an urpight position, large prtinting surface, zipper closing, topper, a variety of materials and sizes, readily available in our storerrom,small batches


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